The Science of Learning

Starts: February 2016

Educational neuroscience (also ‘Neuroeducation’ and ‘Mind, Brain and Education’) are growing disciplines which bring together neuroscience, psychology and education with the aim to produce powerful school learning experiences.

As professionals facilitating learning on a daily basis, it is clear why teachers want to understand more about the brain and learning. However the reality is that not all ‘brain-based’ resources and programmes available are based on research.

With a move towards education becoming more evidence informed, there is great interest to discover if this knowledge can improve education, but also in helping us to understand why things that work are so successful.

With this in mind, this zone aims to provide an opportunity for teachers to have conversations with scientists about the research on how young people learn.

On this site we have neuroscientists and psychologists who carry out research on a broad range of topics, from maths and anxiety to memory and language.

Whatever your question they are here to speak with you about the latest discoveries in the science of learning. ‘ASK’ a question and you will receive an email when the scientists reply, or ‘CHAT’ live with scientists in real time discussions.

Find out more about the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Education and Neuroscience Initiative’.

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@imascientistGive us a shout on Twitter, if you have any questions about the event, or if you might be interested in taking part. And remember if you’re talking about the event, use the #edneuro hashtag, to take part in the big discussion.

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